Roast beef on chanterelles

Roast beef on chanterelles
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Preparation time

Preparation time
Cooking time

Number of portions


  • 4 slices sirloin
    300 g fresh chanterelles
    1 onion medium size
    500 ml beef bouillon
    1 spoon lard
    2 spoons butter
    1 spoon vinegar
    all purpose flour


    • Salt the beef slices from both sides, sprinkle with pepper and flour. Put the lard into the saucepan and roast the meat from both sides until brown. Take out, put in finely cut onion and stir fry on the beef gravy. Add one teaspoon of flour and roast. Pour in bouillon, add roasted beef, pour in one spoon of vinegar and bring to the boil. Then reduce the heat, cover with a lid and stew until tender. Cut the chanterelles and roast them on one spoon of butter, season with salt, pepper and after about 30 minutes add them to the meat. When tender, take the meat out of the heat and put in the sauce one spoon of butter and 1 deciliter of cream, to make it more tender and harmonize all the flavours.

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