Food Festival Karlovy Vary 2014

Food Festival Karlovy Vary 2014

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  • Last Saturday, lovers of good food and drinks gathered in Karlovy Vary on the traditional 5th annual Food Festival. Despite cold, winter-like weather, the event attracted a large number of visitors.
    With a wide range of appetizers, main courses, as well as desserts, visitors could taste traditional Czech meals, such as beef sirloin with cream sauce or goulash, but also beef cheeks or event baked octopus. This feast of fine food and good-quality gastronomy, as it can be called without exaggeration, was hosted by Andrea Pfeffer-Ferklová, the Grandhotel Pupp Manager, and Petr Čipera, presenter of the Czech Radio Regional Station Pilsen.

    First Food Cup Czech Specials for 2014

    Food Festival was also an occasion for the first round of 2014 Food Cup Czech Specials, with 4 Czech Specials certified restaurants participating. All of them were asked to prepare a main dish using an important regional ingredient – wild garlic (also called bear leak). All participants adopted different approach, offering us the possibility of seeing garlic used in potato purée with a lovely, visually attractive look. Another competing restaurant used this garlic to prepare a delicious paste or to garnish the meal.
    The Jury, composed of representatives from the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants, the Czech Association of Cooks and Confectioners and the CzechTourism Agency, evaluated visual aspect of the meal, its originality, treatment of the regional ingredient and, last but not least, the taste. In the end, the winners are chefs from Villa Patriot Restaurant in Mariánské Lázně, advancing thus to the grand finale that will take place in September under the International Cooks Day in Prague.

    Order decided by the Jury:

    1) Villa Patriot Gourmet Restaurant, Mariánské Lázně
    Competition Meal: Glazed beef chest, potato purée with wild garlic and beetroot sprouts


    2) Hotel Pupp Grandrestaurant, Karlovy Vary
    Competition Meal: Smoked beef "flank steak" with Iberian lard, roasted potato pancakes, wild garlic purée and beef jus

    3) Na Statku Restaurant, Jakubov
    Competition Meal: Lamb chops with wild garlic, smoked sheep cheese and potato, low-heat baked in parchment paper

    4) Zámecký pivovar (Castle Brewery), Chyše
    Competition Meal: “Brewery” rump steak goulash with wild garlic

    In addition, visitors of the Festival got also the chance to evaluate the competition meals, their winner being Na Statku Restaurant from Jakubov.
    We would like to congratulate to both restaurants awarded and we are proud to be represented by restaurants offering Czech cuisine of such excellent quality. 


  • Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


  • 03/05/2014


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