Small Breweries in the Czech Republic are Becoming More and More Common

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Small Breweries in the Czech Republic are Becoming More and More Common

The Czechs are known as beer lovers. While on steady decline, beer consumption in this country is still the highest per person. This might be one of the reasons why smaller breweries experience such an upsurge. Currently there are more than 180 of them, with about 20 new arising every year. Undoubtedly, this boom is good news for all beer lovers.

Five hundred year old tradition

During the last decade, Czech breweries with annual production not exceeding 10 thousand hectolitres have seen a strong boom. Though Czech small breweries had been closed in the 1990s, famous U Fleků Brewery and Restaurant was renovated and opened again in 1991.
U Fleků Brewery, awarded Czech Special certification, has quite an exceptional place among other small breweries, which has definitely not been established recently. On the contrary, its first records dating back to 1499, it is the only brewery in Central Europe with 500 years of continuous beer brewing tradition of beer. 

“Places of Beer Brewing are Places of Well-Being”

Breweries in restaurants and small breweries are attractive mainly for observing traditional production procedures that usually have positive impact on the outcome. While their volumes of production cannot compete with big actors on the market, small breweries are often fairly comparable to the big ones as regards beer quality.
Moreover, small breweries seduce by wide-range of products offering their customers rather unique beers that cannot be tasted just anywhere. Most beers produced in small breweries are not easily available on retail market.

Discover Czech Taste

If you feel like trying out non-traditional beer, just browse through our website and find a small brewery in your neighbourhood. You might be surprised how close a beer adventure is from your place. Czech Special certified restaurants include about twenty pubs serving their own beer. In Prague you can visit for example Strahov Monastery Brewery, in Kroměříž you should try one of a variety of beers offered in Černý Orel Restaurant, while in Ústí nad Labem you will be able to try Mazel or Ústecký lev beers in Na Rychtě Restaurant. Just discover the taste of the Czech Republic comprised in a glass of the golden beverage.

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