Spring Rabbit

Spring Rabbit
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Preparation time

Preparation time
Cooking time

Number of portions


  • 4 rabbit thighs
    1/2 red cabbage
    2 eggs
    400g boiled potatoes
    300g unsalted butter
    mix of herbs - parsley, chives, wild garlic, etc.
    caraway seeds
    black pepper
    Czech spring menus often include a lot of fresh herbs and some typical meat dishes. Spring in Czechia does not mean only lamb and goat (capretto) but also rabbit. Rabbits were kept and considered a delicacy in ancient Rome but in Bohemia they only started to be bred after the Napoleonic Wars. Rabbit meat has many benefits, it is low in calories and rich in vitamins B12 and B6, magnesium and iron.  Rabbit meat was generally allowed during Lent and on Fridays; for many it was the only source of meat during lean times. Czech cuisine therefore has many ways how to cook rabbit. One special recipe, used mainly around Prague, is for rabbit with a potato frittata and red cabbage.


  • Wash the rabbit thighs, transfer them in a greased roasting tray, add some herbs and roast. In the meantime shred the cabbage, season with salt, black pepper, honey and vinegar and cook. Serve with a frittata - dice the boiled potatoes and fry them on hot lard with the caraway seeds and the whisked eggs. Season with salt and black pepper. Make sure that the frittata is not too dry.

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