Wine Cellars: South Moravia’s Hidden Treasures

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Wine Cellars: South Moravia’s Hidden Treasures

Terrifying stories are often told of Moravia’s vintners: that they lock tourists into their wine-cellars and force wine down their throats! This tale, though, needs to be corrected. Both tourists and locals enter the cellars of their own will, and can leave at any time. Yet often they do not wish to do so…

A Tradition Come to Fruition 

Cultivation of grapevines in South Moravia can be dated back to the ancient Celts, meaning that the region’s vineyards are among the oldest in Europe. And the landscape of South Moravia has always provided ideal conditions for viticulture, from ancient times up to today, leading to a tradition most often expressed in excellent white wines. Yet the local red wines cannot be denied their own unique charms....
Now, South Moravia forms a popular destination for both domestic and foreign visitors, arriving to taste the production of many small vintners as well as the renowned major wineries. It attracts first-time visitors as well as those who regularly return from year to year, to enjoy the last-years’ vintages just emerging from the barrels or the archival bottles ripening to perfection in the chill of the cellars. 

Cold and Darkness Suit Wine the Best 

The wine cellars found across the entire region are the best place possible for storing wine to maturity. Protected from sunlight and at a constant temperature, the wine does not degrade but matures, thus giving the wines left for cellarage their fuller taste and more marked scents.
Sommeliers or even the master-vintners themselves are greatly proud to offer the very best that was harvested from their sun-washed slopes. Each sample of wine is presented with a special knowledge, an experienced eye that can match your personal preferences to the specific varietal and recommend a vintage that suits your taste to perfection. 
Correctly served wine is a celebration of life. For a tasting, there must also be a good sampling of food, most often cheese, bread and vegetables – as they sharpen the taste of the wine and neutralise the echo of the previous samples. 

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