Traditional Saint Martin Goose Stuffed with Apples and Pears

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Traditional Saint Martin Goose Stuffed with Apples and Pears

Why are geese served on the Day of Saint Martin, geese patron? Legend has it that geese were punished for gaggling during Martin’s preaching and ended up in the oven. If you do not eat goose on Saint Martin Day, you will starve the following year.

Girls Offered Boys Saint Martin Rolls

On Saint Martin Day, our ancestors used to end up the farming year and goose eating was one of the traditions of that day. In addition, people also baked Saint Martin horns, rolls or horseshoes, given out to farm workers who were leaving, and girls offered them to boys.

Saint Martin First Tasting of Young Wine 

Even today, this day is associated with roasted goose. Moreover, Saint Martin Day is also the day of opening first bottles of new wine, called by its patron Svatomartinské (Saint Martin Wine). Matured only for few hours, this wine tastes fresh and fruity and should be drunk by Easter not to lose its taste. If it is delicious, it indicates successful vintage.

How do the Czechs Prepare Goose?

One day before roasting, goose has to be salted both from the inside and outside and left on a cold place over night, allowing thus the meat to get tender. Prior to roasting, the goose is stuffed with pears and apples, though plums might also be used. When ready, serve it with bread or potato dumplings and red cabbage. In the time of Saint Martin feast, a number of Czech Specials Restaurants offer Saint Martin menu consisting not only of goose but also of goose liver pate or goose soup kaldoun.

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