Sauces – Pride of Czech Cuisine

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Sauces – Pride of Czech Cuisine

Not only beef sirloin with cream sauce, considered top of Czech sauces, but also a variety of other, not necessarily cream-based sauces, clearly demonstrate that sauces are a real culinary treasure of the traditional Czech cuisine. The wide range of their tastes will seduce you forever, just try some!

Nearly all restaurants offer sirloin beef in cream sauce, queen of Czech sauces. Traditionally, this delicacy is served with bread dumplings and to be complete and play out perfect harmony of tastes, it has to be garnished with a slice of lemon, cranberries and scoop of whipped cream.

Sauces are Indispensable Part of Czech Cuisine!

Apart from beef sirloin in cream sauce, Czech cuisine offers a wide range of other sauces with unique taste, such as dill sauce, mushroom sauce, horseradish sauce or pickle sauce. We should not omit chicken on pepper or tomato sauce; the latter served usually with beef or with peppers stuffed with minced meat.
The basis of sauces is white sauce (béchamel) or roux cooked with spices in milk and used to thicken the dish. Consequently, add, in most cases, pressed vegetable mix. If the sauce is too thick, dilute it with some bouillon or wine, its alcohol will evaporate during cooking and the resulting reduction being very tasty.

Sauces of Hundred Types and Tastes

The leading taste of sauce is always given by one ingredient only, which has to be concentrated – be it dill, mushroom or vegetables. Having pressed it and mixed with white sauce and bouillon, just add cream and the sauce is ready.
We recommend savouring delicate Czech sauces in Czech Specials culinary restaurants. For a real beef sirloin in cream sauce, visit for example Grand restaurant Zlatý Lev in Liberec.

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