Not Only Gourmets Eat Venison to Diversify Their Diet

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Not Only Gourmets Eat Venison to Diversify Their Diet

Wild meat is definitely not the same as meat of domestic animals. It differs in colour, taste as well as aroma, features making game a popular diversification of our daily diet. Eating venison from time to time is for many people literally a gourmet feast. Though not enjoyed by everyone due to its distinct taste, it is by no means a “must eat” for those who have once been seduced by its taste.

Unusual Taste of Wild Nature

With its dark red colour, game meat is lower in fat compared to meat usually available. This is mostly because animals in wild nature get much more exercise. Venison is a proud part of the Czech cuisine; however, with its preparation and processing requiring specific treatment, not all chefs are able to make delicious meal out of it.

Venison Preparation Needs Time and Care

To avoid having too tough meat, it should be left to mature: while small animals need only a few days, deer might require even more than two weeks. The meat has to be treated to lose the game taste and become tenderer. For this purpose, the meat is marinated in root vegetables, onion and vinegar dip.

Hunting as Gamekeeping Feast

Hunting as well as gamekeeping itself have a long tradition in the Czech Republic. Groups of game hunters usually meet in the autumn to hunt hare, pheasants as well as deer, parted in long rows, they move in the delimited area to beat the game. Hunting represents for its participants a festive social event.

Autumn as a Time of Game Feasting

Between October and December, sometimes even after the New Year, some restaurants provide you with the possibility of tasting different venison recipes. Most favourite specialties include boar leg with rosehip sauce and gingerbread dumpling, roe deer loin on cream or wine, deer stew or boar goulash. We recommend trying outstanding boar leg with rosehip sauce in the Ostrov Hotel in Tisá.

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