Though until Recently Neglected, Fish are Getting Popular in Czech Cuisine

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Though until Recently Neglected, Fish are Getting Popular in Czech Cuisine

While fish farming has had a long and rich tradition in our country, the Czechs are not especially keen fish eaters. However, the situation has been improving and the consumption of both freshwater and saltwater fish has seen steady increase; with trout, pikeperch or perch being especially popular, while pike, eel or catfish nearly catching up.

Fish Farming Roots in the Czech Republic

The tradition of fish farming, including freshwater fish raising, in Czech countries dates back to the 12th century, when the oldest pond was established. Creation of new ponds was supported by the families of Vítkovci, Rosenberg and Schwarzenberg, while fish farming peak occurred in the 15th century.
Nowadays, there are about 21.000 ponds on the Czech territory, situated especially around the towns of Třeboň, Jindřichův Hradec and České Budějovice; these areas being attractive tourist destinations not only because of their picturesque landscape, but also for reputed fish specialties. Traditional autumn fishing-out of ponds presents another attraction, mostly accessible for wide public and considered peak of fisherman’s work throughout the year.

The Czechs Were Not Much Fond of Fish Meat in the Past

Average fish consumption in the Czech Republic is about half of the volume consumed in other European countries. Nevertheless, recent years have seen reverse in these eating habits of the Czechs, with fish getting more and more popular. Yet, the development of fish diet in our country cannot be taken as unexpected and should not be considered latest fad.
Fish meat is appealing not only for its health benefits, but also for its lightness. Each fish is specific in taste as well as meat structure, making it unique. Undoubtedly, the most reputed freshwater fish found in Czech waters include pikeperch or pike. To taste delicious pikeperch with cumin, as well as other fish specialties we recommend for example Rybárna Restaurant in Pardubice. If you prefer carp, you should definitely visit Hostinec U Podkovy in Rynoltice to try fried carp fillets with potato salad, you will definitely be happy with the choice.

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